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New Single Release Date

So it is finally here! 

1.8.19 Marks the release of my new single “Cannonball” Originally by Damian Rice, a song I love to play live and really appreciate its sentiment. Hope my version does it justice. 

New EP on its way 

It's been a fair while since I have been in the studio to record some new material but the time has come and I'm loving the challenge once again.

So the single is now ready for release I am working on finalising my 1st of 2 EPs that are almost ready of all new material. 

Watch this space. 

Could there be a tour in 2019? much as I love touring the country in many of the outfits I play in, nothing is like performing your own material...

So this year I will be taking my new material on the road!


More details to follow.



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